Rapigel - 8.8 oz (250g) Tub

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This is a 8.8 oz (250 gram) tub of Rapigel by Virbac Animal Health. Rapigel is a muscle and joint relieving gel for dogs and horses.
  • Rapigel aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons
  • Rapigel relieves muscle soreness due to over exertion, fatigue and bruising
  • Rapigel is for use on horses and dogs

Direction for Use

Rapigel should be rubbed into affected area at full strench, before and after workout. Use under wet or dry bandages.

Active Constituents

Isopropyl Alcohol 350 mg/g, Menthol 20 mg/g, Camphor 6.25 mg/g.