Capstar flea pills for dogs & cats work as a fast acting killer of fleas. Whenever you notice that your dog or cat has fleas you can give them one Capstar flea tablet and it will kill all the fleas on your pet. Capstar will kill and repel fleas for 24 hours. You can give Capstar to your dog or cat everyday, although it is recommended that you re-dose your pet with Capstar each time you notice new fleas on them.

If you don't have fleas at your house but your pet has picked up fleas from a friends house, kennel or dog park then Capstar is perfect solution for you. All you need to do is give your pet one capstar tablet and that will get rid of the fleas on them before they get a chance to infest your home or other animals. Capstar is also great to use in conjunction with topical flea medicines, which if given with a dose of another flea treatment will make the other flea control more effective. Buy Capstar flea control pills at a cheap price online from us. Not for sale to customers in the USA.