Comfortis Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comfortis?

Comfortis is a small chewable tablet that you can give to your dog which will help get rid of fleas and stop fleas from coming back.

What kind of dog can use Comfortis?

Any breed or kind of dog can use Comfortis, as long as they are over 14 weeks of age. Comfortis comes in five sizes which are 5-10 lbs (2.3-4.5kgs)(140 mg spinosad), 10.1-20 lbs (4.6-9kgs)(270 mg spinosad), 20.1-40 lbs (9.1-18kgs) (560 mg spinosad), 40.1-60 lbs (18-27kgs) (810 mg spinosad) and 60.1-120 lbs (27.1-54kgs) (1620 mg spinosad).

My dog weighs more than the largest size Comfortis, how much do I need to give him?

If your dog weighs more than 120 lbs or 54 kgs you will need to give them the extra amount to cover them fully. For example if your dog weighs 142 lbs you will need to give your dog one Comfortis Brown 60.1-120lbs (27.1-54kg) tablet and one Comfortis Green 20.1-40lbs (9.1-18kgs) per month.

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How is the amount of spinosad in each Comfortis tablet calculated?

For each kg of body weight the dog needs 30 mg of spinosad or for each lb the dog will need 13.5 mg of spinosad.

What amounts can I buy comfortis in?

You can purchase Comfortis in 6 packs which will treat one dog for 6 months and for Comfortis cheapest price buy 12 packs which will treat one dog for 12 months.

What do the different color packets of Comfortis mean?

Comfortis uses a different color for each weight range of dog. There are five different colors in total, pink is for dogs 5-10lbs (2.3-4.5kgs), orange is for dogs 10.1-20lbs (4.6-9kgs), green is for dogs 20.1-40lbs (9.1-18kgs), blue is for dogs 40.1-60lbs (18-27kgs) and brown is for dogs 60.1-120lbs (27.1-54kgs).

Why choose Comfortis for dogs over another product?

Comfortis is unlike any other flea control product on the market, as it is a small chewable tablet that dogs have no problem digesting. Comfortis seems to kill fleas on dogs quicker and more effectively than any other flea product on the market today. Owning a retail stores as well we here a lot of feedback on how well a product is working and have never heard so much positive feed back on any product as we do on Comfortis, people are continually amazed at how nothing else has worked for them and then they give there dog a Comfortis and fleas seem to disappear fast.

How often can I use Comfortis on my dog?

You can use Comfortis on your dog every 2 weeks if need be, but each Comfortis flea tablet should last your dog a full month. We advise that you treat your dog every month, even in the winter months when you don't notice fleas on your dog.

How long after using Comfortis Tablets can I wash my dog or let him swim?

The great thing about Comfortis tablets is you can wash you dog and let him swim right away after treating him with Comfortis flea pills.

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How old does my dog need to be before I can start using Comfortis on a puppy?

You can start using Comfortis flea pills on puppies 14 weeks and older. Using it on puppies under 14 weeks can cause side effects. If the puppies are under 14 weeks and still with there mother, you can and should treat the mother with Comfortis or another flea control as that also should keep fleas from getting onto the puppies.

How well does Comfortis for Dogs work in killing and keeping fleas off my dog?

Comfortis works great in killing and keeping fleas off your dog. It is easily one of the best flea treatments on the market. We are continually hearing good feedback on how well it has been working for people.

How should Comfortis be stored?

It should be stored in a relatively cool area, away from light and out of the reach of children.

How long does it take before Comfortis flea control will start to work to kill and repel fleas from my dog?

Comfortis will start killing fleas within 30 minutes of oral administration and in 4 hours 100% of fleas on your dog should be dead.

Does Comfortis flea tablet need to be given with a meal or can it be given to my dog anytime?

Comfortis should always be given to your dog with a meal for maximum effectiveness. Comfortis comes in the form of a beef chewable tablet which dogs don't have any problem consuming.

What month is the most Comfortis sold?

June, July and August is the time period when Comfortis is sold and December, January, February and March is when the least amount of Comfortis is sold. The reason why is changes from month to month is because fleas are worse in summer than they are in winter. But for Comfortis to be most effective in summer it is best to treat them all threw winter so the fleas don't have a chance to breed before they come out in summer.

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Can I use Comfortis on my cat?

Yes, you can use Comfortis on a cat. For more information on this visit Comfortis for Cats.

Is the Comfortis medicine I can buy off the same as what I would buy from my vet?

Yes, it is the same product as you would purchase from your vet. Please note that we sell the Australian version of Comfortis.

Do I need to treat all my dogs and cats for fleas when I can only see fleas on one of them?

Yes, we highly recommend that you treat all your dogs and cats in your house hold with a flea control treatment. If one of them has it, it is almost certain that the other animals will also have them or pick them up. Treating all of your animals will help break down any flea infestations in your house. You can generally only see about 5% of fleas on your dog or cat so it is very easy to miss noticing any fleas that are actually on them.

What other ways besides treating my dog with a flea control can I help keep fleas away?

You can do things like make sure your dogs bedding is washed, carpets are vacuumed regularly, dogs are kept away from dirt areas and they are not in contact with dogs that have not been treated for fleas.

What does Comfortis flea tablets treat for?

Comfortis dogs flea tablets rapidly kills fleas, controls & prevents flea infestations and controls flea allergy dermatitis.

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Is there anything I should do while giving Comfortis to my dog?

You should always give Comfortis to your dog with a meal. This will make Comfortis work more effectively and will also make it more likely that your dog will eat the pill as some dogs can be fussy. Also make sure you watch your dog after he has the pill as like an medication they can have side effects to it.

If I miss giving my dog a dose of Comfortis what should I do?

If a dose is missed, administer the tablet with food again and just resume a monthly schedule. So you will use it again in another full month from when it was just given.

If my dog vomits within an hour of giving him Comfortis what should I do?

You should re-dose another full dose. Vomiting after giving your dog Comfortis is a very common occurrence and is not a major concern. It happens because they are not use to the tablet as yet. If they vomit within an hour of having the tablet more than likely the pill will have come up in the vomit and therefore will no longer work, so re-dosing is your best option. If they vomit once again after giving them the second dose you might be best to try another flea treatment on your dog.

What side effects or reactions can my dog have from using Comfortis?

The most common reaction is vomiting, other adverse reactions reported in decreasing order of frequency are: depression/lethargy, decreased appetite, in-coordination, diarrhea, itching, trembling, excessive salivation and seizures. Some dogs have also experienced the following clinical signs: trembling/twitching, salivation /drooling, seizures, in coordination, excessive dilation of pupils, blindness and disorientation.If you notice your dog have any of these reactions call your vet as soon as possible.

What should I do if my dog has a reaction or side effect to Comfortis?

If your dog has any kind of reaction to using Comfortis, call your vet as soon as possible.


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