Comfortis vs Panoramis (Trifexis)

Comfortis and Panoramis (Trifexis) have many similarities but they also have some differences which sets Panoramis apart and makes that the more effective treatment overall. Panoramis is also known as Trifexis in the United States. Panoramis for dogs is the Australian version of this flea and heartwrom medicine. They are both made by the same company Elanco and both contain the same flea component, which is called spinosad.

The major difference between Comfortis and Panoramis, is that Panoramis not only treats for fleas but it also treats for heartworm in dogs which it uses the ingredient milbemycin oxime to do this. Panoramis also treats for roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. Panoramis can also be used on puppies earlier at 8 weeks of age, while with Comfortis you need to wait till your puppy is at least 14 weeks of age.

Both of these flea medicines seem to be the most effective on the market with Panoramis and Comfortis working as well as each other with keeping dogs flea free. They both come as a chewable tablet and both need to be given with a meal of food or on a full stomach for maximum effectiveness.

You can buy Panoramis and Comfortis in single doses (1 month supply), 6 packs (6 months supply) and 12 packs (12 month supply). They both also come in the same color coding for weight ranges as follows:

  • Pink is for dogs 5-10lbs or 2.3-4.5kgs.
  • Orange is for dogs 10.1-20lbs or 4.6-9kgs.
  • Green is for dogs 20.1-40lbs or 9.1-18kgs.
  • Blue is for dogs 40.1-60lbs or 18.1-27kgs.
  • Brown is for dogs 60.1-120lbs or 27.1-54kgs.

Overall Panoramis for dogs comes out on top as it treats for fleas, flea allergy dermatitis, heartworm, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. Comfortis for dogs only treats for fleas and flea allergy dermatitis. Panoramis is a little more expensive to buy, but well worth the price for the extra heartworm and intestinal worming components. Comfortis and Panormais can be shipped to Australia. They cannot be shipped to the United States. So in the match of Comfortis vs Panoramis, Panoramis (Trifexis) is the winner.

Component Comfortis for Dogs Panoramis (Trifexis) for Dogs
Adult Fleas Yes Yes
Flea Eggs No No
Adult Flea Larvae No No
Flea Allergy Dermatitis Yes Yes
Ticks No No
Heartworm No Yes
Roundworm No Yes
Hookworm No Yes
Whipworm No Yes
Tapeworm No No
Sarcoptic Mange No No
Earmites No No
Lice No No
Insects No No
Can be used on puppies from 14 weeks 8 weeks
Can be used on cats No No
Price Monthly From $12.95 $17.95

Not available to customers in the United States.

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