Flea & Tick Tablets

Pet owners are opting to treat their dog's with tablets instead of the traditional spot on topical treatments. There has been a strong shift to flea and tick tablets for dogs in the last year. The two major brands leading the charge are Simparica for dogs and Bravecto for dogs. Both of these flea & tick treatments come in a chewable tablet form which can be given separately or with food.

Why are pet owners moving to tablet form?

The two major draw cards are that they seem to work better than the spot-on treatments (from our experience and feedback). Your dog can get wet or be bathed right after treatment.

What are the drawbacks to using tablets?

Some dogs can be very difficult with taking any tablet. Although these are chewable tablets and the large majority of pets have no issue taking them, other pets might struggle with them. Each medication uses different ingredients and some dog’s bodies may not agree with the particular ingredient being used in the medication. You should always keep a close eye on your dog after giving them any new medication to make sure they are handling it fine.

How often do you need to use these products?

Simparica is a monthly treatment. You will give your dog one Simparica tablet each month year around. Bravecto is a 3-month tablet. You will give your dog one Bravecto tablet every 3 months.

Where can I buy flea and tick tablets for dogs online?

You can buy Bravecto for dogs here.

Please note: NexGard is only available to Australian customers.