Heartworm Prevention Medicine Without Vet Prescription

Buy dog flea, heartworm, tick and worming treatments online! We sell a variety of dog medications to help keep your canine happy. We have dog treatments to control:

    • Fleas
    • Fleas and Heartworm
    • Fleas, Heartworm and Intestinal Worms
    • Fleas and Ticks
    • Heartworm and Intestinal Worms
    • Intestinal Worms

Dog Medications Important Information

Using flea control on your dog all year round is highly recommended. Using flea treatments in the warmer months is most important as that is when fleas are at there worst. Most tick preventions only last for 2 weeks at a time, so make sure if you are in a high tick area that you keep your dog treated at 2 week intervals. Dogs should be tested for heartworm by a vet before using any of our heartworm prevention meds. Many of these treatments can be used in conjunction with each other. More information on each product can be found in the product category pages. Always use these pet medications as directed.