Comfortis vs Frontline Plus

We compare Comfortis vs Frontline Plus. These 2 flea meds are both extremely popular, so lets find out which one is the best.

What they treat

Frontline Plus treats for all flea stages in the pet's surroundings including flea eggs and flea allergy dermatitis. It controls sarcoptic mange and lice. It also treats for paralysis ticks and brown dog ticks for 2 weeks.
Comfortis kills fleas, controls flea infestations and flea allergy dermatitis.

What is In Them

Frontline Plus contains fipronil and methoprene. Comfortis contains spinosad.

How Old Do Pets Need to Be

Comfortis can be used on puppies from 14 weeks of age. Frontline Plus can be used on puppies and kittens from 6 weeks of age.

How to Administer

Comfortis is in the form of a chewable tablet that is given to your dog with a meal once a month. Frontline Plus comes as liquid form in a tube that is placed on the back of the dogs neck and will treat fleas for 1 month at a time. Frontline is water resistant for 1 month after 24-48 hours of application.

What Size Pets

Comfortis comes in 5 different weight ranges; dogs 5-10lbs (2.3-4.5kgs) in a pink packet, dogs 10.1-20lbs (4.6-9kgs) in a orange packet, dogs 20.1-40lbs (9.1-18kgs) in a green packet, dogs 40.1-60lbs (18.1-27kgs) in a blue packet and dogs 60.1-120lbs (27.1-54kgs) in a brown packet.
Frontline Plus comes in 5 different weight ranges; Cats in a green packet, dogs up to 10kgs in a orange packet, dogs 10-20kgs in a blue packet, dogs 20-40kgs in a purple packet and dogs 40-60kgs in a red packet.

Product Pack Sizes

You can buy Comfortis in 6 packs (6 month supply) and 12 packs (12 month supply). Frontline Plus can be purchased in 3 packs (3 month supply), 6 packs (6 month supply) and 12 packs (12 month supply).

The Price

You will find that the price of Comfortis and Frontline Plus is about the same.


When you look at these products next to each other it appears as though Frontline Plus wins hands down vs Comfortis. However this is not quite the case. Although Frontline Plus treats for fleas and ticks, when it comes to killing fleas Comfortis is far superior.

Once upon a time Frontline Plus was the best flea treatment for dogs on the market, now days Comfortis is leading the pack when it comes to treating fleas. Comfortis seems to work like magic in killing fleas off of dogs, Frontline Plus doesn't quite seem to do this anymore. Don't get me wrong Frontline Plus still works and for some people works better than Comfortis, just for most people Comfortis will do a much better job in treating fleas on your canine.

One thing that Frontline Plus does very well in the way of treating fleas is, it treats for all stages of fleas which is flea eggs, flea larvae, adult fleas and flea allergy dermatitis and it is the only flea control to treat all stages of fleas.

Overall if you are looking to treat for fleas & ticks then Frontline Plus is the way to go. If you are looking for the best flea control then Comfortis is the way to go.

Compare Comfortis vs Frontline Plus below in this detailed chart with what each product does

Comfortis vs Frontline Plus Comparison Chart


Comfortis for Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs

Adult Fleas Yes Yes
Flea Eggs No Yes
Adult Larvae No Yes
Flea Allergy Dermatitis Yes Yes
Ticks No Yes
Heartworm No No
Roundworm No No
Hookworm No No
Whipworm No No
Tapeworm No No
Sarcoptic Mange No Yes
Earmites No No
Lice No Yes
Insects No No


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