Frontline Plus vs Revolution

Comparing Revolution vs Frontline Plus you find many major difference. The most noticable difference is that Frontline Plus treats dogs for fleas and ticks, where Revolution treats dogs for fleas and heartworm. They both are a monthly topical treatment that come in a liquid form.

Revolution for dogs is also knwon as Stronghold for dogs in the UK. It contains the active ingridient Selamectin to treat for fleas and heartworm. You apply Revolution onto the back of the dogs neck once a month. Revolution for dogs treats for adult fleas, flea eggs, flea allergy dermatitis, heartworm, sarcoptic mites and ear mites. Revolution for dogs 6 pack and 12 packs come with Canex which treats for roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm. Revolution can be used on puppies from 6 weeks of age.

Frontline Plus for dogs contains the active ingredients fipronil plus and methorprene. Frontline Plus is applied onto the back of the dogs neck once a month. Frontline Plus treats for adults fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, flea allergy dermatitis, ticks, sarcoptic mange and lice. It can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Does Revolution or Frontline Plus treat fleas best?

We find that Revolution is better at killing and keeping fleas off dogs then Frontline Plus. Frontline Plus does work well for many people, but overall Revolution seems to work a bit better when it comes to flea prevention.

Why should I use Frontline Plus instead of Revolution?

You would use Frontline Plus if you need to treat you dog for fleas and ticks. Revolution does not treat for ticks. If you are in a high tick area it is highly recommended that you treat your dog for ticks. If you wish to use Revolution and are in a high tick area, we recommend that you use a tick collar, Frontline Plus or Advantix in conjunction to using Revolution.

Why should I use Revolution instead of Frontline Plus?

You would use Revolution if you need to treat your dog for fleas and heartworm. Frontline Plus does not treat for heartworm. If you wish to use Frontline Plus it is recommended that you use a heartworm prevention treatment.

Frontline Plus vs Revolution Comparison Chart

Componet Revolution for Dogs Revolution with Canex Frontline Plus for Dogs
Adult Fleas Yes Yes Yes
Flea Eggs Yes Yes Yes
Adult Larvae Yes Yes Yes
Flea Allergy Dermatitis Yes Yes Yes
Ticks No No Yes
Heartworm Yes Yes No
Roundworm No Yes No
Hookworm No Yes No
Whipworm No Yes No
Tapeworm No Yes No
Sarcoptic Mites Yes Yes Yes
Earmites Yes Yes No
Lice No No Yes
Insects No No No


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