Sentinel Spectrum vs Interceptor Spectrum

We compare the difference between Sentinel vs Interceptor.

The Brands

They have similar looking packaging and names, which can make it a bit difficult distinguishing between the products.

What They Treat

Sentinel Spectrum treats for fleas long-term, controls flea allergy dermatitis, prevents heartworm infection and controls roundworm, whipworm, hookworm & tapeworm. Interceptor Spectrum prevents heartworm infection and controls roundworm, whipworm, hookworm & tapeworm. As you see Interceptor does not treat fleas of any sort, where as Sentinel does. We must note that Sentinel will not kill adult fleas, however it will control flea infestations.

What Is In Them

Sentinel Spectrum contains lufenuron, milbemycin oxime & praziquantel to treat for worms. Interceptor Spectrum cotains milbemycin oxime & praziquantel. Ingredients Treat:

  • Lufenuron: Fleas
  • Milbemycin oxime: Heartworm, roundworm, whipworm & hookworm
  • Praziquantel: Tapeworm

How Old Do Dogs Need To be

Interceptor can be given to puppies from 2 weeks of age. Sentinel can be given to puppies from 6 weeks of age.

How To Administer

Both of these products are chewable tablets that can be given with food or on there own. Both Heartgard and Interceptor should be given to your dog on a monthly basis. Please note: dog should be tested for heartworm before using either of these products.

What Size Dogs

Interceptor Spectrum and Sentinel Spectrum are both color coded the same to match the weight ranges and dosage amounts. The sizes, color and ingredients are as follows:


Weight Range

Color Pack


Melbemycin oxime


Interceptor 2-10lbs (up to 4kgs) Orange None 2.3 mg 22.8 mg
Sentinel 2-10lbs (up to 4kgs) Orange 46 mg 2.3 mg 22.8 mg
Interceptor 11-25lbs (4-11kgs) Green None 5.75 mg 57 mg
Sentinel 11-25lbs (4-11kgs) Green 115 mg 5.75 mg 57 mg
Interceptor 26-50lbs (11-22kgs) Yellow None 11.5 mg 114 mg
Sentinel 26-50lbs (11-22kgs) Yellow 230 mg 11.5 mg 114 mg
Interceptor 51-100lbs (22-45kgs) White/Blue None 23 mg 228 mg
Sentinel 51-100lbs (22-45kgs) White/Blue 460 mg 23 mg 228 mg

Product Pack Sizes

You can buy Sentinel & Interceptor in a single dose which will treat 1 dog for 1 month, 3 pack which will treat 1 dog for 3 months, 6 pack which will treat 1 dog for 6 months and 12 pack which will treat 1 dog for 12 months.

The Price

Sentinel Spectrum is going to cost you more as it has the flea component in it. If you are already using a flea control, then either of these products can be used in conjunction to it.


Sentinel is the better product as it does treat fleas long term. However it does not treat for adult fleas. If you are using a flea treatment, you will just need to use Interceptor Spectrum to fully cover your dog.

To learn more about Sentinel Spectrum see Sentinel for dogs frequently asked questions and to learn more about Interceptor spectrum see Interceptor for dogs frequently asked questions.

Compare Sentinel vs Interceptor below in this detailed chart with what each product does


Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs

Interceptor Spectrum for Dogs

Adult Fleas No No
Flea Eggs No No
Adult Larvae Yes No
Flea Allergy Dermatitis Yes No
Ticks No No
Heartworm Yes Yes
Roundworm Yes Yes
Hookworm Yes Yes
Whipworm Yes Yes
Tapeworm Yes Yes
Sarcoptic Mange No No
Earmites No No
Lice No No
Insects No No

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