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Aristopet All Wormer for Large Dogs - 4 Tablets

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This 4 pack of Aristopet All Wormer Tablets for Large Dogs is for the treatment of roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, tapeworm and hydatid tapeworm. This packet contains 4 tablets. Each tablet will treat 45lbs (20kg) of Body weight on dogs for 3 months.

Artistopet All Wormer Tablet Important Information


One tablet per 45lbs (20kg) body weight.


It is essential to weigh your dog correctly to avoid under dosing. Write the date, the dog's name and weight on the Worm Control Chart (comes with packet), to keep an accurate record.

Hydatid Tapeworm:

Dogs should not be fed, or allowed to feed on, offal from any species. Dogs in hydatid areas should be treated every 6 weeks.

Other Tapeworm:

Treat every 3 months.

Roundworm & Hookworm:

Treat at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks - thereafter every 3 months.


Treat every 6 to 8 weeks after 3 months of age.

Pregnant Bitches:

Treat at mating, before whelping and then every 3 months.
Should worm problems persist, consult a veterinarian.

All Wormer Tablet Dosage Chart

Weight (KG) Dose
30 - 45lbs (15 - 20kg) 1 Tablet
45 - 88lbs (21 - 40kg) 2 Tablets
*Dosage: One Tablet per 45lbs (20kg) Body weight.

General Information

Your dog needs continual protection from parasites such as worms and fleas. A regular treatment program is the best way to keep your dog healthy.
To ensure effective worm control, treat all dogs and cats in the household at the same time. Animals infested with worms are a continual source of re infestation to other animals, and may be dangerous to your family. Symptoms of worm infestation in your dog are lack of energy, loss of weight and diarrhea.
An important part of the worming program is flea control. Dogs frequently infested by tapeworm which use the flea as a carrier. Aristopet All Wormer Tablets for Large Dogs may be used in conjunction with flea control products.